About Us

Business inVentures was founded in 2005 and has a focus on business venturing. Throughout the years we have been involved in different ventures with a focus on ICT and intangible assets. Our roles are co founder, seed investor or sound board. Our knowledge on IP valuation, valuation of start ups/ new business or growth companies is used for transaction purposes like mergers & acquisitions or investments.


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Business inVentures B.V.
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The Netherlands


Crosspring is within our group responsible for the investments. It is the goal of the investment division to speed up innovation processes by investing a combination of money, management, knowledge and network. 

1. Investing in inventors and start ups to develop and market innovations

2. Co-investing with partners (Venture Capitalists, Corporates, R&D Institutes, SME's) who contribute money, knowledge and/or network



We are involved in various transactions whereby an (independent) valuation is required. One of our company specialties is valuation of ICT companies and intellectual property (patents, trademarks, copyrights). Our clients use our knowledge in the following situations:

• Mergers and acquisitions
• Investment decisions / participations
• Joint ventures
• Personell options
• Disputes and Litigation

We are a member of the Netherlands Institute for Register Valuators (www.nirv.nl)